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Custom UI form


Visual Gene Developer allows a user to develop a custom UI (user interface) form (or window).


o What is 'Custom UI form (or window)'?

 In order to analyze the CAI profile or mRNA binding energy profile of the test sequence, you may click on the menu item 'CAI profile v2' or 'mRNA profile v2' in the 'Toolbox' window. When done, the custom UI form will be pop-up as shown in the following figure. The diagram was drawn by executing a user-defined module that encodes algorithms to plot GC contents or mRNA energy profiles. Because all graphic functions are defined in the special class 'CustomUI', a user can easily make use of those functions to draw lines or text. Therefore, Visual Gene Developer gives a great advantage to expand software functionality by adding new graphical analysis windows designed by users.



Let's check the source code of 'CAI profile v2'.

It is easy to recognize that the class 'CustomUI' was used many times to draw line, string, or rectangle.

Function Main()

     '-------- Setting  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

      Window_Size=60         'Length of partial test sequence

      Step_Size=3*3             'Interval between partial test sequences through the entire sequence      

                                         'It should be a multiple of 3





      If SourceSeq="" then

              Exit Function

      End If








     '**** Graphics **********************

     CustomUI.Define_Canvas 500,200



     CustomUI.Form_Caption="CAI profile diagram"

     CustomUI.DrawLine 30,10,30,180,"Black"

     CustomUI.DrawLine 30,180,490,180,"Black"

     CustomUI.DrawString 5,95,"CAI","Blue"

     CustomUI.DrawString 250,180,"Location","Blue"

     CustomUI.DrawString 15,10,"1"

     CustomUI.DrawString 15,170,"0"

     CustomUI.Set_ForeColor_byName "Black"



      '*** Calculate CAI ************************************************

     For Current_Position=Start_Position to End_Position - Window_Size step Step_Size


                AppService.InstantMsg "Calculating CAI at " + CStr(Current_Position)



                Local_CAI= GeneService.Calculate_CAI(TestSeq,True)


                X2=(Current_Position-Start_Position )/SourceSeq_Length*480+30


                If Current_Position>Start_Position Then         

                     CustomUI.DrawLine X1,Y1,X2,Y2

                     CustomUI.DrawRectangle X2-1,Y2-1,2,2


                End If     




                Buf_Str=Buf_Str + CStr(Current_Position) + Chr(9) + CStr(Local_CAI) + Chr(13) + Chr(10) 






End Function




o Custom UI form (window)

The custom UI window consists of a caption, toolbar, and canvas. A user can set 'form caption', define 'canvas' size, and plot figures in the 'canvas'.

Visual Gene Developer provides a toolbar to export the image and raw data. Clicking on the 'Clone' menu button, a user can duplicate the current Custom UI form. Regarding X Y coordinates on canvas, left top corresponds to (0,0). X values increase from the left to right and Y value increases from top to bottom.



o Specialized class 'CustomUI'

The class 'CustomUI' has the ability to generate new Custom UI forms  and contains many graphic functions. The current version offers 27 functions such as Define_Canvas, Clear_Canvas, Update_Canvas, DrawLine, DrawPie, DrawRectangle, DrawBezier, and etc.

Check the complete list of functions

Visual Gene Developer provides 5 instances of the class 'CustomUI': 'CustomUI', 'CustomUI2', 'CustomUI3', 'CustomUI4', 'CustomUI5'.

Each instance represents and can operate a single independent 'active Custom UI window'. Thus, a user can handle a maximum five 'active Custom UI windows' at the same time. 'Active Custom UI window' is the window where a user draws graphics. It is different from the 'Cloned custom UI window' that can be generated by clicking on the 'Clone' button in the custom UI window.

Every module may use the same 'Active custom UI windows' and a user may need to add one line code to duplicate the 'Active custom UI window' to keep the image and raw data. The duplicated custom UI window can be called as 'cloned custom UI window'.



o How to generate custom UI form


Step 1: Define canvas and set 'Form caption'

      CustomUI.Define_Canvas 500,200

      CustomUI.Form_Caption="CAI profile diagram"

Function: Sub Define_Canvas (Width As Integer, Height As Integer, Optional ShowToolStrip As Boolean)

              Property Form_Caption () As String



Step 2 (optional): Bring the form to front and clear canvas



Function: Sub Form_BringToFront ()

              Sub Clear_Canvas (Optional Color_byName As String)



Step 3: Draw graphics and update the canvas

     CustomUI.DrawLine 30,10,30,180,"Black"

     CustomUI.DrawString 5,95,"CAI","Blue"


Function: Sub DrawLine (X1 As Integer, Y1 As Integer, X2 As Integer, Y2 As Integer, Optional ForeColor_byName As String)

              Sub DrawString (X As Integer, Y As Integer, TextStr As String, Optional ForeColor_byName As String)

              Sub Update_Canvas ()

When you call 'Update_Canvas' function, Visual Gene Developer refreshes canvas to show an updated image. However, it doesn't need to update the canvas every time. When you draw graphics like line, pie, or rectangle, the canvas is already internally updated even if it doesn't show the updated image in real-time. Please remember that frequent calling of 'Update_Canvas' function may delay processing time. However, a user may prefer it to give an animation effect.



Step 4 (optional): Store raw data for data export

     CustomUI.RawData="Location" + Chr(9) + "CAI value" + Chr(13) + Chr(10) + "1" + Chr(9) + "0.8"

Function: Property RawData () As String

Grammar: Chr(9) generates Tab key,

                Chr(13) + Chr(10) generates Carriage return

A user store raw data (not image) to the custom UI window. When you call this function, the 'Copy raw data' toolbar button in the custom UI window will be activated. Now, a user can export text raw data to the clipboard anytime once he stores it.



Step 5 (recommended): Generate 'custom UI clone' and close 'active custom UI window'


Function: Sub Make_Clone ()

When a user calls this function, Visual Gene Developer duplicates the current 'active custom UI form (window)' and then close 'active UI form'. Apparently, a user may not distinguish between 'active custom UI form' and 'cloned custom UI window' because the duplicated custom UI window will be shown exactly at the same location with the same size. This function is important to keep the user's data in a separate UI form. We remind you that there are five instances of the class 'CustomUI' and consequently five active Custom UI windows. Active custom UI windows can be shared with other modules.




o Advanced example 1: Codon bias diagram

* Imitation of the job done by Plotkin and Kudla (Nature, 2011, p32-42)

* The algorithm was developed using VBScript. Check the code in the 'Module Library' and 'Module Editor' windows 




Sub Main()


    '***** Setting *******************


    LineWidth =7

    LineHeight =5




    '**** Ask target Gene Component ************


    Info_Str="List of Gene Component" + VBCrLF + VbCrLF +  Info_Str + VbCrLF + + VbCrLF + "Input number!"

    ComponentIndex=InputBox(Info_Str,"Codon bias diagram")

    ComponentCount=  GeneConstruct.ComponentCount

    If  ComponentIndex <= 0  or -ComponentCount > -ComponentIndex Then     

        MsgBox "Incorrect number!"    

        Exit Sub       

    End If     




    '**** Set Range **********************************************************



    Construct_End=Currnent_ConstructIndex + MaxConstruct

    If Construct_End>Construct_Count Then Construct_End=Construct_Count         




     '**** Initialize Graphics **********************

     CustomUI.Define_Canvas 64*LineWidth+35,(Construct_End-Currnent_ConstructIndex)*LineHeight +40



     CustomUI.Form_Caption="Codon bias diagram (based on RSCU)"




     '**** Draw Codon text **********************

    Output_Str="Number" + VBTab

     CustomUI.Set_Font 8

           For  Triplet_1st=1 to 4

                 For Triplet_2nd=1 to 4

                        For Triplet_3rd=1 to 4





                                   CurrentX=((Triplet_1st-1)*16+(Triplet_2nd-1)*4+(Triplet_3rd-1))*LineWidth +30

                                   If Triplet_3rd=1 or Triplet_3rd=3 Then

                                            CustomUI.Set_ForeColor_byName "Red"


                                            CustomUI.Set_ForeColor_byName "Blue"

                                   End If              

                                   CustomUI.DrawString CurrentX-1,CurrentY-3, IndexToCGAT(Triplet_1st)

                                   CustomUI.DrawString CurrentX-1,CurrentY+4, IndexToCGAT(Triplet_2nd)

                                   CustomUI.DrawString CurrentX-1,CurrentY+11, IndexToCGAT(Triplet_3rd)

                                   Output_Str=Output_Str + CurrentTriplet + VbTab





            Output_Str=Output_Str + VBCrLF




   '**** Draw codon rscu diagram *************************************

    CustomUI.Set_Font 8

    For q = Currnent_ConstructIndex  to  Construct_End


           SourceSeq=GeneConstruct.ParameterValue(q,ComponentIndex,"Modified DNA")

           GeneService.Calculate_CodonUsage SourceSeq



          CurrentY=(q-Currnent_ConstructIndex+1)*LineHeight +23

           If   q=Int(q/5)*5 Then    

                          CustomUI.DrawString 5,CurrentY-1, CStr(q),"Black"

           End If      


          Output_Str=Output_Str + CStr(q) + VBTab


           For  Triplet_1st=1 to 4

                 For Triplet_2nd=1 to 4

                        For Triplet_3rd=1 to 4



                                   CodonAddress64 =GeneService.Get_CodonAddress_Type64(CurrentTriplet)

                                   CodonRSCU=GeneService.Get_CodonUsage_RSCU(CodonAddress64 )


                                   CurrentX=((Triplet_1st-1)*16+(Triplet_2nd-1)*4+(Triplet_3rd-1))*LineWidth +30


                                   CustomUI.Set_FillColor_byRGB CodonRSCU/3*255,0,255-CodonRSCU/3*255

                                   CustomUI.FillRectangle CurrentX,CurrentY,LineWidth,LineHeight


                                   Output_Str=Output_Str + CStr(CodonRSCU) + VbTab






             Output_Str=Output_Str + VBCrLF







End Sub  




Function IndexToCGAT(IndexNumber)

    Select case IndexNumber

           Case 1


           Case 2


           Case 3


           Case 4


           Case Else  


    End Select      

End Function




Function Get_ListOfComponents




     For q=1 to ComponentCount

            Buf_Str=Buf_Str + CStr(q) + ": " + GeneConstruct.ComponentName(1,q) + VBCrLf




End Function