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Plug-in development


Visual Gene Developer allows users to develop new plug-ins for the 'Toolbox', 'Layer view manager', and 'mRNA structure viewer' windows.

Since plug-in is one type of subroutine module, code development is almost the same as other modules such as 'Sequence optimization' or 'Constraint'. However, additionally, a user has to register a certain module to a proper target place as a plug-in. As we mentioned, 'Layer viewer' , 'Toolbox', or 'mRNA structure viewer' window can be proper target places.


1. Toolbox

2. Layer view viewer (not supported yet)

3. mRNA structure viewer (not supported yet)

4. Custom UI form




o General procedure

Step 1: Develop module

   Decide target place of a plug-in module

   Use classes to access to a target place

   There may be special requirements for module development


Step 2: Register module as a plug-in

   Test module performance in the 'Module Editor' window

   If a plug-in is unstable, re-design the module