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This class allows users to access PropertyBag to read and write parameter values.


There are three instances of PropertyBag: PropBag_Param, PropBag_Prc, PropBag_Custom.

* You can't use 'PropertyBag' in itself but use a instance.


o Summary



 Sub Add_Parameter_StringType (NameStr As String, ValueStr As String, Enable As String)

 Add new 'string type' parameter

 Enable: "True" or "False"

 Sub Clear ()

 Initialize PropertyBag

 Sub DirectWrite_To_ValueCell (ColIndex As Integer,  RowIndex As Integer, ValueStr As String)

 Direct writing to a cell given by column index ('ColIndex') and row index ('RowIndex')

 Property Editable() As String

 Enable/Disable Editable

 Function Get_NameArray () As String()

 Get long string of parameter names

 Function Get_ValueArray () As String()

 Get long string of parameter values

 Function Load_PropertyBag (PropertyBagID As String) As String  Load PropertyBag

 Property Value (PropertyName As String) As String

 Read/write parameter value to a parameter given by 'PropertyName'

 Property WidthRatio () As Single

 Set width ration between parameter name and parameter value columns

 Property RowCount () As Integer

 Get total number of rows (or parameters)

 Property RowIndex () As Integer

 Get current row (parameter) index


o Example 1

The following VBscript code read property values, combines together, and then return the value

Function Main()



     Main=Input1 + Input2

End Function



o Example 2

Example to show how to use ProgBag_Custom

Function Main()


   GC_1st=GeneService.Calculate_GC_Content_1st (Source,True)

   GC_3rd=GeneService.Calculate_GC_Content_3rd (Source,True)

   AvgGC=(GC_1st + GC_3rd)/2



   ReturnValue=PropBag_Custom.Add_Parameter_StringType("DNA length",Len(Source),"False")

   ReturnValue=PropBag_Custom.Add_Parameter_StringType("GC content at 1st and 3rd (%)",AvgGC,"False")

End Function