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This class allows users to access gene construct memory array and gene analysis table.


o Summary



 Function AddNewConstruct_FromParent (Parent_Construct_Index As Integer) As String

 Add new gene construct copying from parent gene construct.

 It returns "" if no error. Or it returns error message

 Sub Clear_ConstructTable ()

 Clear all gene construct in a table

 Property ComponentCount () As Integer

 Return total number of gene component

 Property ComponentIndex (Construct_Index As Integer, Component_Name As String) As Integer

 Return memory index of 'Component_Name'

 Property ComponentName (Construct_Index As Integer, Component_Index As Integer) As String

 Return gene component name of 'Component_Index'

 Property ConstructCount () As Integer

 Get total number of gene construct

 Property CurrentConstructIndex () As Integer

 Get current gene construct number

 Property DefaultTargetSeq () As String

 Get default target DNA sequence

 Property ParameterName (Construct_Index As Integer, Component_Index As Integer,  Parameter_Index As Integer) As String

 Get parameter name of gene component

 Property ParameterValue (Construct_Index As Integer, Component_Index As Integer,  Parameter_Name As String) As String

 Get parameter value of gene component

 Property TableValue (RowIndex As Integer, ColumnIndex As Integer) As String

 Read or write value to a cell of 'Gene optimization' window

 Function Update_ConstructTable (Target_Construct_Index As Integer) As String

 Update construct table of 'Gene optimization' window


o Example 1

Take Modified DNA sequence of 3rd component from the first construct

Function Main()


     GeneSequence=GeneConstruct.ParameterValue(1,3,"Modified DNA")

     Msgbox GeneComponentName + " = " + GeneSequence

End Function