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License agreement


1. License

Visual Gene Developer is a freeware and anyone can download and install software at home, college, school, or any other public place. We don't sell the software and no one can put the software on the market. However, if you want to use the software in a company, you need to contact us.


2. mRNA structure prediction

Regarding mRNA secondary structure prediction, we make use of Vienna RNA Package (http://www.tbi.univie.ac.at/~ivo/RNA/) developed by Dr. Hofacker (ivo@tbi.univie.ac.at) at the University of Vienna, Austria. We included two stand-alone programs, RNAfold.exe (renamed to RNAfold-Vienna.exe) and relplot.pl (compiled to relplot.exe) to our Visual Gene Developer software and legally distribute them based on the original license agreement of Vienna RNA Package. Additionally, we got an approval from Dr. Ivo Hofacker who owns the original license.


3. Distribution

We allow the upload of Visual Gene Developer software package to other websites for a file download service. But there should  be no commercial purpose and profit.  Please include proper information for the software (ex. our website address).


4. Warranty

We don't include any harmful software or program codes. However, since the software may not be perfect like other software it can cause unexpected problems due to bugs. But, we don't take responsibility for it.


5. Credit

If you use Visual Gene Developer for your researches and plan to publish papers, please include the following reference about the software.

  Jung, S.-K. and K. McDonald (2011). "Visual Gene Developer: a fully programmable bioinformatics software for synthetic gene optimization." BMC Bioinformatics 12(1): 340